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Wondering what Lord of Life is like on the weekends? We've listed some answers to common questions. We hope these are helpful for you in getting to know Lord of Life better.  


Can I take Communion?  Absolutely. You don't have to be Lutheran to receive the Sacrament.  All who are baptized and believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, are welcome to receive Holy Communion.  This gift is itself the real presence of God's forgiveness and mercy.  We commune children as early as first grade, providing they have had instruction on the Sacrament's meaning.  Those who have not, of any age, are asked to come forward for a blessing.    

Do I need to become a member of Lord of Life to participate in worship and other activities?  No. Our desire is to make you feel welcome and to offer you a potential church home where you can grow in faith.  Our focus is not membership, but rather on active discipleship and growing in relationship with Christ. If you would like to join our church, we ask you to speak with Pastor Hinkley. But spend some time with us first!

Will children be welcomed at worship?   We love kids here at Lord of Life! We encourage families to worship together. Children are welcomed to come up for a blessing if they have not taken First Communion and share Holy Communion with their families.   

Will I be asked to stand up in front of everyone? Not at all. We will greet you warmly with smiles and handshakes, especially when we share the peace.   Feel free to join us for fellowship and refreshments after worship as well.

Do I have to dress up for worship?  No, we worship very casually and believe God accepts us as we are -- no matter who we are, what we do, or how we dress.  Congregants at Lord of Life wear everything from jeans and tee shirts, to shorts, slacks and golf shirts, or casual dresses and sandals.  Please wear whatever you feel is most comfortable for you in this setting.

Will I be able to follow along with the service?  Yes! Our weekly worship bulletins are designed to provide everything you need to participate in worship. The format is simple and easy to follow. We use the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book (ELW).

Am I required to give money at worship? Our tithes & offerings are given as an act of worship for attendees who consider Lord of Life their home. For guests at Lord of Life, we want you to be blessed by the worship gathering and to give as God inspires you. If you feel moved to provide an offering, then please do so.

Is there anyone to ask if I have other questions about Lord of Life? Yes! You can call or email the church office at any time at 904-285-5347 or email Before and after worship, any one of our members would be more than willing to answer any question you may have. When you arrive or as you leave worship, you may fill in your name in the Welcome sheet located on the table next to the cart with the hymnals.  


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